At NS International, we take pride in being one of the leading experts in sea freight services. We always aim to deliver your cargo commodities efficiently, using the best practices and available technology.

Our responsibility is to guide our customers with the proper procedures to obtain clearance from customs. When you deal with us, you will be ensured of a seamless transaction every single time.

Due to the differences between export and import processes, we dedicate separate, experienced teams for handling each process. In addition, our online filing system allows us to work accurately and faster.

Our in-house documentation team and field staff regularly coordinates with different offices. They are in constant communication with the Port Official, Customs, Shipping Line, Transporters, and the Container Freight Station. Be rest assured that we are always updated with the latest regulations in line with sea freight services.

With us, we can help your company obtain FCL and LCL clearance – hassle-free.