Sourcing Products

Sourcing products by checking the specialty of its origin which plays a vital role. As every product has a different specification. Sourcing the right supplier is a challenging job. NS INTL has an expertise team for the same. We can source any product from the right place.

Typically, a sourcing project begins with a detailed brief, which will be used to vet and select potential manufacturers. Our team in Singapore brings on-the-ground support and expertise to this selection process, ranging from exploratory
discussions and factory inspections to pre-shipment quality control. Suppliers are rarely chosen on price alone: the cheapest is not always the best fit.

Computer laptop and accessories

Vehicle spare parts

Printer cartridges

Vitamin supplements

Dry food and spices


Import and Export

We import/export wide range of products, minimizes paperwork, and lowers shipping costs with truly personalized service. You can be confident that our convenient and reliable export services will help you complete your export shipping with ease.